Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware can advise you on your pool and spa chemicals, Just bring in a water sample from your spa or pool and we will test it ABSOLUTELY FREE! It's the most in expensive way of keeping your pool/spa sparkling and crystal clear. We are also a stockist the white pointer pool vacuum.

Keeping the correct PH level keeps your water safe and sparkling clear, The PH affects three areas of swimming pools.

1. Swimmer Comfort

The PH needs to be around 7.4 - 7.8 if it is too far away from this target range it will effect your eyes. This is why you need the pH between 7.4 - 7.8!

2. Chlorine effectiveness

How well your chlorine works depends on your PH level. If you PH Level is above the target range your chlorine is not very effective which means green cloudy water that houses dangerous bacteria. 

3. Water condition

When the pH level is too high, water becomes more alkali. This means that the pool water can hold fewer chemicals in solutions and starts to solidify them. 

When the pH is too low, it becomes acidic. This makes the water corrosive, and metal parts in and around the pool can rust.

The PH level can be affected in many ways, whenever chemicals are added to the pool, Bathers with suntan lotion on etc this is where the water balance is important, and testing of the pool/spa water is important to get this correct.