Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware has taken on the distribution of Uni-Fit, a handrail & fencing system now being used extensively in industrial, commercial, domestic and outdoor applications.
The Uni-Fit system is a new and efficient method of connecting pipes, making it a perfect alternative for stairs, safety barriers, handrails, disabled rails, park rails, sports ground rails and tennis courts.
The Uni-fit fittings have a unique modern design allowing for different methods of application, its multi-directional controlled fittings make it Ideal for sloping sites and chain wire applications.The Uni-fit Sytem uses a total of 4 brackets for handrails and 9 brackets for fencing, it replaces up to 100 brackets needed by alternative systems therefore making the Uni-Fit system much more cost effective
The Uni-Fit system requires no welding as the fittings are equipped with a fastening system that has an 80 degree adjustability, achieved by simply bolting the cup onto the ring in the required position, then tightening the grub screws.
An additional advantage of the Uni-Fit system is that you dont need multiple trips to site before installation, Simply cut the pipe to length and use the Uni-Fit fittings.

All Australian Standards requirements approved.