Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware carries a huge range of timber products to satisfy the needs of the Tradesman and the Handyman. Specializing in hardwood and treated/non-treated Radiata Pine products we have your project needs covered:

Treated Pine Timber:

At Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware we stock Treated Pine Timber Manufactured by Red Stag Supplied by ITI.

Dried structural timber is produced and leaves the production facility with a target moisture content between 12% and 18%, Unlike visually graded alternatives, Red Stag timber is stress graded for strength and being MGP10 it can be substituted for F5 and F7 graded H3 timber in almost every application.

The selected MGP10 grade and the unique H3 timber treatment makes red stag treated pine the new generation structural timber for external, above ground use. Offering a combination of guaranteed strength, improved stability, consistent reliability and outdoor durability. This provides a straighter and more user friendly outdoor structural timber when compared to ordinary H3 timber that has been Re-Dried after treatment.

Where can I use H3 Treated Pine Timber?

H3 Treated Timber is intended for use in exposed above ground applications, such as deck and verandah bearers and joists; Pergola verandah and carport rafters and battens; verandah and patio beams or fascia beams; or any other external, above ground application requiring structural softwood framing

Is H3 Treated Pine Safe?

H3 treated pine is treated with an LOSP – Light Organic Solvent Preservative, therefore making the treatment environmentally friendly, totally non toxic and completely safe to handle. Containing no chrome or arsenic, there are no restrictions for the use of H3.2 treated timber and it can be safely used for many applications including uses such as childrens playground equipment as well as the usual outdoor above ground applications.

Termite Resistant Treated Pine:

At Newcastle Timber & Hardware we stock T2 blue framing pine supplied by Carter Holt Harvey

T2 Blue Pine is suitable for many applications such as wall frames and roof trusses, T2 Blue Pine is for interior above ground applications that is not exposed to weather or moisture.

T2 Blue Pine is a termite protected timber protecting against termite attacks with a 25 yr guarantee,   This ensures your framing solution is cost effective as well as termite resistant.

Design Pine:

Design Pine is produced using the latest organic timber preservation system, giving greater protection against termites, mould and decay of the product.

Design Pine can be used in all above ground exterior applications.

Design Pine is created using finger joint technology to create long straight and defect free boards, Design Pine uses exterior grade adhesive in every joint which ensures maximum strength and reliabilty. 

Design Pine is coated with a blue primer to create a ready to paint surface.

Design Pine Ranges include structural and decorative profiles that have been developed with innovation in mind.