Here at Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware we assure that we provide our customers with the right advice on surface preparation, correct method of application and that the painting is being done under the right conditions. Paint is designed to work successfully and when problems occur it is usually something other than the paint causing the bad outcome. For Example: Something as simple as stirring paint thouroughly could be the difference between a great outcome or failure.

At Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware PAINT IS OUR SPECIALTY!
We love to talk paint and share our experience.

"We believe everyday is a good day when you PAINT!"
Paint in Newcastle
We stock brands such as Wattyl Solagard, Wattyl Finish, Dulux, Berger, Duralex, Nutech Pavement Coatings.
Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware also offer colour charts, Colour Matching, and Sample Pots to make your next paint job a breeze
Whether it is just creating that dream feature wall or colour matching your sample. No job is too big or too small.
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Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware also has a large range of painting accesories including Purdy Brushes suitable for the Home DIYer, Home Renovator or the Serious Painter! 

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Common Scenarios:


1) I want to paint my walls in my house and I am not sure if it is lead based or not?

A) Firstly, you can determine if it is lead paint by purchasing a lead test kit (Available in-store). If you are painting a house or doing maintenance that could disturb paint containing lead you should avoid exposing yourself and your families, neighbours and pets to its hazards. Ideally, homes with paint containing lead should be assessed and remediated by trained professionals. 

Lead Paint Safety Booklet

2) How do I test if my paint coating is oil based or water based?
A) To confirm if your paint that you are trying to coat is oil based or waterbased simply grab a clean cloth, put methylated spirits on the cloth and give the surface of the coating a rub if a thin film of paint comes off on the cloth then the coating you have is waterbased.

3) How do I tell if the substrate I am going to paint is sound and wont peel or crack?
A) Using a trimming knife cut a shallow cross in the layer of paint, stick a piece of multi-purpoose masking tape to the surface and rub it down, wait 10 minutes and swiftly rip the masking tape off the surface. If the paint peels the surface is not sound and needs to be prepared by sanding and possibly undercoating, If the paint stays without peeling off the substrate is sound and can be coated as per instructions.

Cross Adhesion Test Video

4) What do I do if the surface I am wanting to paint is flaking, peeling or powdery?
A) The surface has become unsound, and needs to be prepared properly for the top coat of paint to adhere to the surface. This can be done by using a binder sealer so that the coat of paint will stick to the substrate and not become unsound itself. There are various sealer binders available in-store these are available in spirit based and turps based, eg: Wattyl, Dulux, Zinsser etc