Merbau (Kwila) Decking:

Merbau timber is a class 1 hardwood, its durable & resistant to termite and rot making merbau the ideal choice that will bring that special beauty to your deck or privacy screen.
Why not compliment your merbau deck with some merbau screens, posts and beams (all sold seperately)

Merbau (Kwila) Flooring:

Merbau (Kwila) flooring is a hardwood ideally suited to the manufacture of indoor flooring, Not only does it have the beautiful grain but Merbau is regarded as one of the most durabie and stable timbers with high termite and weather resistance. The Merbau's hardness provides a surface that is secure from all but the most severe impacts and scratches.This ensures a beautiful Merbau wooden floor that with the right maintenance will provide many years of beautiful service.


Merbau (Kwila) Joinery:

Merbau (Kwila) makes and ideal timber for joinery as it offers a classic, unique and stylish touch to any interior design.


Merbau (kwila) Posts/beams:

Merbau is a bushfire resistant timber which is resistant to splintering making it suitable for exposed situations such as stairs, pergolas, decks and as a screening post. 

Merbau (Kwila) Laminated Post:

Merbau is one of the only timbers that is suffciently fire resistant to meet Australian Standards. Merbau Laminated posts are a perfect choice for outdoor above ground applications.
Merbau posts features naturally beautiful colouring and is an incredibly strong durable timber.

Merbau (Kwila) laminated screening:

Merbau laminated screening is an effective and elegant way to gain privacy, provide shade or to create a natural and stylish outdoor environment.
Merbau timber screens are loved by many due to the variety of applications.
Merbau timber screening can be as versatile as you want from horizontal, verticle, or angled.
Merbau laminated screening can be painted, stained or left to its natural colours, depending on the look you want to create.