Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware are now stocking Inex.
This comes in a range of products such as; Inex Flooring, Inex Decking, Inex Weatherboard, Inex Renderboard, Inex Wallboard.
Inex boards offer a range of improved performance credentials making it an environmentally friendly alternative to plasterboard and fibre cement.
Stability/Healthy Living:
UBIQ's inex boards have been extensively tested and demonstrate that they can contain 80% of their strength after they have been through 25 soak/dry cycles. Inex boards have also proven to promote healthy living with its breathability and not supporting the growth of mould.

Inex Flooring:

Can be used in an internal/external application, Inex flooring is suitable for many substrates or can be coated with a clear varnish to retain the polished concrete look

Inex Decking:

Inex Decking is a light weight, cement based decking board featuring pencil round edges & textured surfaces allowing multiple coating systems to be used whilst maintaining its timber appearance.

Inex Maxideck:

Inex Maxideck is another lightweight cement based decking alternative, it is a tongue & groove decking panel that comes with grooves routed into it to maintain that natural decking board appearance, therefore cutting the installation of a deck by less than 20%, it is suitable for multiple coating systems.

Inex Weatherboard:

Inex weatherboard is a high quality, high impact board that comes in 204mm high offering a 174mm coverage. The 16mm thickness gives a deep shadow-like affect on each board.

Inex Renderboard:

Inex renderboard is a light weight cement based interior/exterior wall cladding it has a tongue and groove joint down the long side of each board offering a tight flush fit. Inex renderboard comes with a rough side making it a suitable substrate for multiple rendering systems.

Inex Wallboard: 

Inex wallboard is a general purpose wallboard offering high strength and recessed edges, One side is smooth so its ideal for painting, the other side is a rough textured finish ideal for textured coatings.(Available in 7.5mm and 10mm thicknesses)

Inex Bond 290ml & 600ml:

Inex Bond is and exterior grade, multi purpose joint sealer it can be used for sealing joints in Inex Floor and Inex Floor to timber or metal joists in light traffic areas.