Newcastle Timber & Hardware stocks and sells a large range of natural hardwood flooring timbers.

Newcastle Timber & hardware flooring suppliers provide a wide choice of contrasting Australian timbers to suit individual tastes and room schemes from the much heralded coastal Blackbutt to classic favourites of blue gum, rose gum, and spotted gum, as well as the more sought after types of iron bark, brush box and turpentine.
Our suppliers provide traditional hardwood flooring in an extensive range of species including:
• Copper Cherry                                                   
• Pearl Beech
• Rose Gum
• Golden Oak
• Jarrah
• Black Butt
• Brush Box
• Cherry Mahogany
• Flooded Gum
• Forest Red Gum
• Green Tree Blonde
• Green Tree Rose
• Grey Box
• Grey Gum
• Grey Iron Bark
• Mixed Reds
• New England Blackbutt
• Northern Beech
• Pearl Mahogany
• Red Iron Bark
• Red Mahogany
• Spotted Gum
• Stringy Bark
• Blue Gum
• Tallowwood
• Turpentine
• White Mahogany
• American Oak

Natural Hardwood Timber Flooring adds timeless style and splendour to both modern and traditional home interiors. Come see our showroom featuring 22 different species of Timber Flooring.