Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware stock an impressive range of fasteners and fixings to suit a variety of jobs.
We supply quality fasteners at competitive pricing from brands you can trust.
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Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware's main supplier is Bremick. Bremick fasteners was established in 1965 and provides 45 years experience in the manufacture of high quality fasteners, Bremick fastners have been made readily available for trade and professional users for use in major engineering projects, construction projects, and remains conscious of the fact that many of it's products are used in critical applications. 

Product range includes

  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Masonry Anchors
  • Threaded Rods
  • Brackets

Check out the NEW adjustable Bearer Support and Joist Hangers, They are a very affordable & versatile option with many benefits.

Adjustable Bearer Support Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use when setting the height of your bearer.
  • Ideal for use on areas where the ground has a “fall”, to provide a level bearer height.
  • Heavy duty and fully hot dip galvanised ensures long life-span without failure. Locking nuts ensure absolute rigidity.
  • Can be used to prop up existing bearers or floor joists that have sagged over a period of time.
  • Easily used with 70mm, 90mm or 45-50mm width bearers of various heights. (Note – 45-50mm bearers need to be packed out from upright to ensure they sit in line with the centre of the base)
  • Variety of uses include the building of ramps, stairs, post supports, adjusting the rafter support to achieve the pitch on a skillion roof​​

Adjustable Joist Hanger Benefits:

  • Keeps your joists off the concrete and free of unwanted moisture ingress. This prevents joist-rot through the bottom of your joists.
  • Is ideal for use on area where the concrete has built in "fall" - to provide a level deck
  • Quick and easy to use - purpose-built for the application
  • Gives a neat, professional look across your deck structure without resorting to various different packers and brackets to achieve your end result
  • Height of the deck is determined by the length of bolts used.
  • Uses standard 10mm bolts, nuts and washers and 12mm dynabolts "off the shelf" from your hardware store.