Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware are a stockist of Hills Clotheslines Australia’s most trusted iconic brand. Our range covers clotheslines from family size clotheslines to compact patio size clotheslines,

• Rotary Hoist Clotheslines: Suitable for backyard

o Rotary 8 Hoist = 58m line length

o Rotary 7 Hoist = 47m line length

o Rotary 6 Hoist = 34m line length

• Retracting Clotheslines: Suitable for patio applications

o Slim retracting 6 line = 39m line length

o Slim retracting 4 line = 26m line length

o Extra large retracting 6 line = 36m line length

o Large retracting 4 line = 26m line length

• Folding Frame Clothesline: Suitable for Patios or Backyard Applications

o Large double folding frame = 23m line length

o Large single folding frame = 21m line length

o Narrow single folding frame = 19m line length

o Compact folding frame = 12m line length

o Extra compact folding frame = 7m line length

Newcastle Home Timber and Hardware also stock a range of small portable inside/outside clothes airers.