***Bin-Die Hose-On Selective Lawn Weeder***

About Product:
► Bin-Die Hose-On does not need dilution - just click on the hose and apply ensuring that it is sprayed over 200 square meters. If the area is smaller use correspondingly less of the hose-on
► A second application of Bin-Die Hose-On may be necessary 3-4 weeks after first application if the weeds are well established.
► Do not exceed the recommended application rate, as this may result in damage to lawn.
► Do not apply if temperature exceeds 30 degrees
► Bin-Die should be applied in late winter (July/August) for optimum control of bindii while still young prior to seedheads forming
► Targets weeds such as bindii, thistle, dandelion and many other broadleaf weeds. Hard to control weeds such as clover often need a follow-up spray
►Bin-Die will not damage buffalo lawns unless used in applications other than described on container.